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Department of Defense to Give $3 Million to Company Behind Wuhan Lab Leak

EcoHealth Alliance to use the funding to "reduce the threat of viral spillover from wildlife in the Philippines."

Ted Cruz to Reintroduce Bill Reinstating Military Members Who Refused COVID-19 Vaccine

Senator Ted Cruz has announced that he plans to reintroduce his bill to reinstate military members who were fired for refusing to get vaccinated with the COVID-19 shot and its many boosters.

CIA Director Secretly Met With Zelensky to Outline Russia’s Next Steps

CIA Director William Burns reportedly traveled to Kyiv late last week to brief Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Russia’s next military moves, a U.S. official confirmed Thursday.

Military Can’t Meet Recruiting Goals Even After Lowering Standards

Despite lowering standards, the US military struggles to meet recruitment goals, with the Army experiencing a significant drop and the other branches barely meeting their goals for the fiscal year ending September 30, according to data from the Department of Defense.

Department of Defense Formally Rescinds COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Military

The Department of Defense has rescinded its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for military service after Congress sent the National Defense Authorization Act to President Joe Biden's desk that included a provision repealing it.

Biden Signs Defense Bill Into Law, Voiding Military’s COVID Vax Mandate

Biden signs NDAA for 2023 authorizing $858 billion in military, energy, and procurement spending and overturning COVID-19 vaccine mandate for servicemembers.

Sen. Johnson Calls for Release of US Armed Forces COVID Vax Injury Data

Johnson demands detailed information about COVID-19 vaccine injuries from Defense Health Agency Director, citing concerns from military service members and a lack of transparency from the Biden administration on vaccine safety.

Republicans Who Voted Against Reinstating Unvaccinated Troops

Four Republican senators voted alongside Democrats to refuse reinstating military troops that were discharged after not receiving the Covid vaccine.

Marine Deprived of Promotion for Refusing Vax Mandate

A Marine Corps major’s promotion has been indefinitely suspended over his religious objection to the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the officer’s wife.

Discharged Military Personnel Will Not Be Reinstated Following Vax Mandate Repeal

8,400 military personnel will not be reinstated, despite new guidelines revoking the Covid vaccine mandate.

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