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Swing States Drafting Bills to Remove Biden from Ballot

Republican lawmakers from three swing states are drafting bills to remove President Joe Biden from the ballot.

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized in Pro-Palestine Effort

The Lincoln Memorial was vandalized with the phrase "Free Gaza" written in red paint.

Texas House Votes Down School Choice Legislation

The Texas House of Representatives voted to reject a school choice measure on Friday, passing 84-63, with 21 Republicans voting for the amendment. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Acquitted in Senate Impeachment Trial

Texas Attorney General Kenneth Warren Paxton, Jr. was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial over the weekend.

Texas Makes Election Fraud a Felony

Voting illegally could bring a 20-year sentence.

God Bless Texas: Texas Senate Passes Bill to Display Ten Commandments in Public Schools

"Religious liberty was a bedrock of America's founding."

Texas Senate Committee to Investigate Financial Asset Managers’ ESG Policies on Public Pension Investments

Committee will evaluate “the investment practices of financial services firms and how those practices affect the state’s public pensions.”

Texas Bans China-Linked TikTok for Gov’t-Issued Devices

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott forbids state agencies from using popular social media app linked to Chinese Communist Party.

Texas Pro-Life Republicans Win Every Race After Democrats Promised to Beat Them for Banning Abortions

When Texas became the first state in the nation to ban abortions, radical abortion activists promised they would defeat Governor Greg Abbott, Attorney General Ken Paxton and every single pro-life elected official who had anything to do with protecting babies from abortions.

Abbott With Double-Digit Lead Over Beto in Texas Gubernatorial Race

Republicans are crushing the Democrats’ dreams of turning Texas blue, according to a new state poll that shows Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican candidates with double-digit leads over their Democrat opponents.

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