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What the Destruction of the Hippocratic Oath Means for Society

Amidst the Omicron variant era of the pandemic, secondary disasters have been constantly taking place in many cities in communist China under strict lockdown.

Fact-Checker Claims COVID Deaths Underreported. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Health Feedback, a “fact-checking” organization, is part of a World Health Organization project called Vaccine Safety Net. It operates under the umbrella of Science Feedback, whose partners and funders include Facebook and the Google News initiative.

Ohio, Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in COVID Test Kits

Some tests were found to contain the preservative sodium azide, a liquid reagent that can cause low blood pressure when ingested, resulting in dizziness, headaches or palpitations.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Backs Out of SAG Awards Over VAX Mandates: “I’m Not Vaccinated. I Will Not Get Vaccinated.”

Forrie J. Smith, star in the hit show Yellowstone has opted out of attending the Screen Actors Guild awards over its vaccine requirements.

Biden Admin Contracts With In-Home COVID Test Kit Company Praised for ‘Obeying’ the Chinese Communist Party

The Biden administration raised alarms by contracting with a previously black-listed at-home COVID testing company that has received massive subsidies for their compliance with the Chinese Communist Party.

Gonzaga U. Punishes Basketball Hall of Famer for Not Wearing Face Mask

Gonzaga University revoked basketball legend and alumni John Stockton's season tickets for not wearing a face covering at the school's basketball games. QUICK FACTS: Stockton told...

China Controls the Spread of Omicron by Enforcing Lockdown With Drones

Drones are patrolling city streets in China warning of possible punishments if lockdown orders aren’t obeyed.

Biden Admin to Distribute 400 Million Free Masks

The White House announced on Jan. 19 that it will make 400 million  N95 masks free to the American public starting next week.

Joe Biden Promising Four Free COVID Tests To Americans

The White House promised Tuesday Joe Biden's website will now be providing four free COVID tests per household.

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