Trump Sues Truth Social Co-Founders Over Alleged Mismanagement

Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against two co-founders of Truth Social's parent company, accusing them of mishandling business affairs and costing...

Trump Plans Massive Fundraiser Showdown with Biden at Madison Square Garden

Former President Donald Trump, reportedly "jealous" of President Joe Biden's recent fundraiser in New York City, is planning his own bigger and better event...

Biden Admin to Play Film Calling for Queer Marine Biologists

The Department of the Interior (DOI) is to hold a Transgender Day of Visibility event on April 2, according to a report from The Daily Wire.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Orders NYC Landmarks To Be Lit For ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ on Easter Sunday

The state of New York had 13 landmarks lit in celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday, joining the White House in observation.

Trump Campaign Blasts Biden For Declaring Easter Sunday ‘Trans Day’

Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has criticized Democrat Joe Biden and the White House for the president’s “appalling and insulting” behavior towards Christians on Easter.

Biden Slammed After Announcing ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ on Easter Sunday

President Joe Biden was slammed on social media Saturday after declaring Easter Sunday as "Transgender Day of Visibility."

Google Involved in U.S. Elections More Than 40 Times

Google has been involved in U.S. elections at least 41 times, according to a report from the Media Research Center.

West Point Ends ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ Motto

The U.S. Military Academy is dropping the motto, "Duty, Honor, Country."

Reagan on Secularism, Socialism & Abortion “tragic taking of unborn children’s lives” – American Minute with Bill Federer

Ronald Reagan was born February 6, 1911. A graduate of Eureka College, IL, 1932, he worked as a life guard, having 77 rescues. He then announced for...

Former Rep. George Santos Challenges NY Republican in Congressional Race

Expelled GOP Rep. George Santos Declares Bid for Congress Against NY Republican Who Backed His Ouster Former GOP Rep. George Santos announced his candidacy for...

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