Study Links COVID-19 Vaccine with Surging Cancer Rates

A preprint study has linked COVID-19 vaccines with rising cancer rates and called for further research on the matter.

California Lawmaker Aims to Ban Doritos And Hot Cheetos From Schools

Democratic California legislator Jesse Gabriel, who introduced a law banning the chemicals found in Skittles candy, is now pushing to ban certain food dyes in schools.

‘Forever Chemicals’ Found in Tap Water, May Spread Cancer Cells

A new study from Yale School of Public Health found that "forever chemicals" found in tap water may spread cancer.

Biden to Visit East Palestine, Ohio, a Year After Train Derailment

President Joe Biden announced that he plans to visit East Palestine, Ohio.

Diseases Spread by Fecal Matter Rising in Portland

Residents of Multnomah County are being urged to have adequate hygiene after the number of shigella cases increased in Old Town Portland, Oregon.

EPA Reviewing Toxic Chemical in Ohio Train Derailment

The Biden administration has started a formal evaluation of risks from vinyl chloride, the cancer-causing chemical that burned in a plume of toxic black smoke following the train derailment earlier this year in eastern Ohio.

Hospital in Massachusetts Puts 450 Patients at Risk of HIV, Hepatitis

Around 450 patients of the endoscopy unit at Salem Hospital in Massachusetts are reportedly at risk of HIV, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis A after they were administered “possibly contaminated IVs over a period of two years.”

Rep. Massie: Scientists Researching a ‘Transgenic Edible Vaccine’ Using Plants

"Ideally, a single plant could produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person," said an associate professor at the University of California, Riverside.

Study Finds ‘Long’ COVID-19 to Be an ‘Overestimated’ Risk

The risks of contracting so-called long COVID are exaggerated from "major flaws" in past research.

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