Alabama Supreme Court Rules Embryo are Children

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last week that frozen embryos are legally "children" and deserve the same rights as other "unborn children."

Oregon Health Officials Confirm Bubonic Plague

Health officials in Oregon have confirmed a case of the bubonic plague in the state, believed to be contracted through contact with an infected...

NYC Considering Housing Migrants in Shipping Containers

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly considering housing illegal immigrants in shipping containers on the city's streets.

Biden Has Spent 39% of His Presidency on Vacation: Report

President Joe Biden spent the weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with First Lady Jill Biden, adding to the 360 days he has vacationed so far during his presidency.

Mass Evacuation, Level 2 Hazmat Response After Train Derailment on Norfolk Southern Tracks in Pennsylvania

Decision to evacuate a dozen homes and several proximate businesses was necessitated by the presence of hazardous materials in 15 to 20 cars onboard the train.

Successful Destruction of U.S.’ Declared Chemical Weapons Stockpile

"Since ratifying the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997, through last Friday, the United States destroyed over 30,000 metric tons of declared chemical agent contained in nearly three and a half million chemical munitions, over 22,500,110, one-ton containers containing chemical agent, and over 55,500 bottles and containers containing chemical agent," said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Kingston Reif.

Seattle Funeral Homes Now Offer ‘Human Composting’

Called "natural organic reduction."

Train Derailment In Wisconsin Leaves Cars Partially Submerged in River

A train derailment near De Soto, Wisconsin caused cars to be partially submerged in the Mississippi River after the BNSF train spilled its cargo.

Evidence Emerges That NATO Gearing Up for a Full-Scale War Against Russia

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Committee chairman Admiral Rob Bauer of the Netherlands indicated that NATO is now prepared for direct war against Russia.

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