Trump-Backed Candidates Win Again, This Time in West Virginia

Endorsements from former President Donald Trump are continuing to pay dividends to the GOP candidates who receive them, as evidenced in a pair of primary races Tuesday evening in West Virginia.

Peru’s Legislature Passes Parental Values in Education Bill

The law specifically supports parental involvement in educational tools to reflect the family's values.

Navy Chief Takes ‘Woke’ Books Off Reading List

Number of books on the U.S. Navy's Professional Reading Program missing from updated reading list.

Texas Opens Probe Into Whether State Lawyers’ Group Aiding Illegal Immigration

AG Ken Paxton says “it appears that the liberal State Bar’s handpicked cronies are misusing charitable funds” to facilitate the border crisis

Every Trump-Backed Candidate in Ohio, Indiana Won Their Primary Race

The former president endorsed 22 candidates in the two states.

Truth Social Under ‘Direct Attack’ by Biden’s Disinformation Board: Nunes

Truth Social is a target of the Biden administration's new Disinformation Governance Board, according to the man running former President Donald Trump's nascent social network.

Sex Jokes Feature in Ethics Complaint Over Cawthorn Relationship With Staffer

An anti-Madison Cawthorn political group filed an ethics complaint against the embattled freshman lawmaker on Thursday, alleging he has an inappropriate personal relationship with one of his staffers.

Mayorkas Can’t Name Single Referral From DHS to DOJ Involving ‘White Supremacists and Domestic Terrorists’ (Watch)

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has claimed that white extremists are the greatest terror threat to America.

Illegals Storming Rio Grande After National Guardsman Drowns During Rescue

Illegal aliens continue pouring across the Rio Grande following the tragic death of a National Guard soldier who drowned during a rescue in the river last week.

Lawmakers Sound Alarm on Shrinking Middle Class as Inflation Hits a High

House lawmakers are mulling the future of the middle class, as economic challenges and inflation continue to burden Americans.

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