Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Bill Removing Inactive Voters From State’s Voting System

Lawmakers introduce new legislation that would force Wisconsin to scrub voter rolls of the millions of current inactive voters in the state.

Biden Blocked CIA Nominee in 1977 for ‘Carelessly’ Mishandling Classified Documents

"If [Sorenson] did so, can he now bring the activities of the intelligence community within the strict limits of the law?" Biden asked. "We will expect that in the future of intelligence agencies. If that is to be the case, then we must hold the director ... accountable as well."

University of Pennsylvania’s Chinese Donations to Be Investigated After Biden Classified Docs Found

"This is another aspect of the potential for this family to be compromised," said James Comer.

Biden Says Newly Found Set of Classified Docs Were in His ‘Personal Library’ (Video)

Lawyers had found the first set on Nov 2, just days before the midterm elections, but only revealed that information to the public only on Monday.

Biden’s ‘Surprise’ Grows With Reported Discovery of Second Batch of Classified Documents

Below is a slightly modified version of my NY Post column on the discovery of the second batch of classified documents in areas previously used by President Joe Biden.

Classified Docs from Biden’s VP Days Found in Private Office Months After Mar-a-Lago Controversy

The White House announced that a batch of documents, including some with classified markings, from President Biden's time as Vice President were discovered at the Penn Biden Center and have been handed over to the National Archives.

Gov’t Publishes Governor Kristi Noem’s, Family’s Social Security Numbers—Noem Responds

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and her family's social security numbers published online as part of records of House Select Committee's investigation into Jan. 6 protests at US Capitol; Noem's lawyers demand to know who responsible for leak and what measures will be taken to protect Noem and her family.

Gender Identity Ideology ‘Compromising Patient Safety and Dignity’ Across the NHS

Gender ideology has “seriously compromised” the NHS and is diminishing women’s rights to same-sex spaces, a report has suggested.

Google Home Hack Allowed Snooping Through Microphone

Bug in Google Home allows hackers to remotely control device, access microphone feed and issue commands.

Hunter Biden Sells Paintings Up to $200,000 In Art Show at NYC Gallery

Hunter Biden was seen on Friday at a ritzy New York City art show hocking his pieces for well into the six-figure range, despite facing a congressional investigation into his international business dealings.

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