Disney’s New X-Men Cartoon to Feature ‘Non-Binary’ Character

Disney's new X-Men cartoon will reportedly feature a non-binary character in the upcoming season.

‘Blue Beetle’ Movie Director Calls for Trump Assassination, Deletes Tweet

Ángel Manuel Soto, the director of Warner Bros. DC Universe's latest film, "Blue Beetle," posted a since-deleted tweet calling for Trump to be assassinated.

New Documentary Exposes Disney’s Pro-sexualization, Anti-nuclear Family Agenda

The magic of Disney is fading, according to the president of the Catholic League.

Comic Books Too Woke for Fans

Comic book fans are complaining that comics are becoming woke "out of nowhere."

DC Comics Cancels Woke Bisexual Superman Series

DC Comics is canceling Superman: Son of Kal-El, a book series it launched last year about a bisexual Superman, amid poor sales.

Marvel Shills For Pfizer With COVID Vax Avengers PSA Comic Book

Marvel has come under criticism for producing a paid for comic book to promote Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccines.

Gay Spider-Man to Be Introduced by Disney-Owned Marvel Comics This September

Web-Weaver is the first gay Spider-Man to be introduced by Marvel and will make his debut in an upcoming comic edition of Edge of Spider-Verse.

Graphic ‘Gender Queer’ Sex Books Marketed to Kids

The books, targeted at children, contain graphic gay sex scenes.

Superman Comics See Huge Downturn in Sales After Introducing ‘Woke’ Ideals

Superman is no longer flying off the shelves following their pivot toward the main character being a climate activist, advocate for illegal immigration, and a homosexual romance.

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