Comic Books Too Woke for Fans

Comic book fans are complaining that comics are becoming woke “out of nowhere.” Comic creator Eric July said of bisexual characters, “They make it seem as if the only way that you can relate to a character is because you’re gay and that character’s gay, which is nonsense!” July explained that a fan does not need to exemplify the qualities of the character to enjoy the comic, saying, “I ain’t got Bruce Wayne money, and I’m not rich! And I’m certainly not white.”

From The Daily Signal:

“When I was a kid,” I say to July, “all the characters were white. It’s a good thing more are non-white.”

“But they’ve been just reduced to being an item to pander to certain audiences that aren’t really buying into it,” July responds.


The cover of a Superman comic shows Superman’s son leading a school “strike for climate.”

It’s so stupid! Superman, with all his powers, could solve climate change all by himself. But now he holds a protest sign.