Alberta to Lift ‘Vast Majority’ of COVID Restrictions on March 1

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said the province is ready to move on to the next phase of its reopening plan on March 1, as the numbers of COVID-19 transmissions and hospitalizations “continue to decline rapidly.”

Conservatives Seek Local Election Wins to Stack Team Bench

Conservative activists are setting their sights on elections for school boards, town halls and county councils.

California High School Debuts ‘Transition Closet’ for Students to Hide Preferred Genders From Parents

An Oakland, California, high school is reportedly utilizing what's referred to as the "The Transition Closet" — a makeshift wardrobe for students to change when they arrive at school if they aren't comfortable telling their parents about their apparent gender dysphoria.

Democratic Party Brand ‘So Toxic’ in Rural US That Liberals Are Removing Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers: ‘We’re on the Run’

The Democratic Party has moved so far out of step with regular Americans that liberal voters in rural Pennsylvania and elsewhere are removing their yard signs and bumper stickers for fear of ostracization, according to a new report published by the Associated Press.

Fertilizer Price Spikes and Chinese Import Reliance Threatens US Agriculture Security

Fertilizer prices have risen more than 100 percent for all major nutrients required for crop production since September 2020, potentially risking the long-term viability of American farms and further increasing the cost of food to US consumers.

Adele Slams Gender-Neutral Awards Show: ‘I Love Being a Woman!’

Pop/Soul superstar Adele is not even allowed to be comfortable in her femininity without people trying to cancel her.

New York State to Drop Indoor Mask Mandate

NY Gov. Hochul satisfied with COVID trends on hospital capacity and positivity rates.

Univ. Funding Biden’s Think Tank & Hosting FactCheck.Org Contracts with BioNTech, Gets Paid For Vax Sales & FDA Approvals

Documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE show that the University of Pennsylvania, which hosts and funds Joe Biden’s think tank called the Penn Biden Center, directly profits from the sale of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Coronavirus vaccines.

Colleges Struggle to Recruit Therapists as Students Seek Mental Health Services ‘in Droves’

Colleges and universities are struggling to keep up with the demand for mental health services, as college students seek mental health therapy on campus in droves, part of a 15-year upswing that spiked during the pandemic.

Under Biden Proposal, Everyone Including Kids Could More Easily Get Transgender Surgery

There’s no limit to the number of insurance-sponsored surgeries someone could have, Roger Severino said.

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