Prosecutors Seek Detention for Suspect Accused of False Statements About Bidens

The Justice Department is urging District Judge Otis D. Wright to overturn a decision granting Alexander Smirnov release from custody, asserting concerns over the accused’s potential flight risk and ties to foreign intelligence agencies.

Federal prosecutors, citing court documents filed in the Central District of California and reported by The Hill, argue that Smirnov’s alleged offense, weak community ties, and the weight of evidence warrant detention.

Smirnov, released by Magistrate Judge Daniel J. Albregts in Nevada with a condition to wear an electronic GPS monitor, faces charges of providing false information to his FBI handler regarding payments to President Biden and his son Hunter by executives at Burisma.

The Biden administration’s Justice Department contends that Smirnov, also an Israeli citizen, poses a flight risk due to plans to meet with foreign intelligence agencies and ties to Russian intelligence.

Prosecutors accuse Smirnov of misrepresenting his assets, suggesting he has access to substantial funds that could facilitate comfortable living abroad.

“The fact that Smirnov misrepresented his assets alone should cause Smirnov to be detained because it shows that, at the first opportunity, he did not provide true and complete information to Pretrial Services,” prosecutors asserted.

They argue that no combination of conditions can reasonably ensure Smirnov’s appearance as required.