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Biden Holds Lowest January Approval Rating in Election Year in Presidential History

President Joe Biden now holds the lowest January approval rating for any modern president during an election year, a CNN poll found this week.

Majority of Voters Say ‘No Chance’ of Voting for Biden

A majority of voters said they will not be voting for President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, according to a CNN poll.

Nikki Haley Claims Trump is ‘Weak In The Knees When It Comes To Ukraine’

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley called former president Donald Trump “weak in the knees” for not wanting to do more to support Ukraine and calling him “thin-skinned and easily distracted.”

Majority of Americans Believe Joe Biden Had a Hand in Son’s Business Affairs: CNN Poll

61% of the participants feel that the President had some level of participation in these dealings.

Trump Dominates GOP Primary Poll at 52%, Leading DeSantis by 34 Points

Even amid criminal trials, signaling the strength of his base.

No Aid for Ukraine’s Border Until America’s is Secured: Rep. Jim Banks

“No more money to secure Ukraine’s border until we secure our own."

Gavin Newsom Reportedly Looking at Future Presidential Bid

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) may be positioning himself for a future presidential bid, according to PAC spending.

Majority of Americans Believe ‘Politics’ Were Involved in Trump Indictment

A CNN poll found that 76% of Americans believe Trump's indictment was influenced by politics, 52% saying politics played a "major" role.

Poll Reveals Voters Believe Republicans Will Impeach Biden

The Rasmussen Reports poll suggests 54% of likely voters think a Republican House will impeach Biden.

Hillary Clinton Says She’ll Never Run for President Again

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton answered speculations about a 2024 White House bid this week, saying she would never again run for president.

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