CNN Poll Expert ‘Speechless’ After Trump Gains ‘Historic’ Black Votes

CNN poll analyst Harry Enten was left “speechless” after data showed Donald Trump gaining the support of black voters.

According to Enten, Trump is “careening toward a historic performance” in the 2024 presidential election.

“I keep looking for this to change and go back to a historical norm and, simply put, it has not yet,” Enten said.

The poll analyst compared data from 2020 to now, which showed that President Joe Biden has lost support from black voters, down to 70% from 86%. Trump, however, has gained a large number of supporters, up to 21% from 7%.

“We’re careening toward a historic performance for the Republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades,” Enten declared, adding, “I’ve just never seen anything like this. I’m like speechless.”

“If this polling is anywhere near correct, we’re looking at a historic moment right now where black voters under the age of fifty, which have historically been such a big part of the democratic coalition, are leaving it in droves,” he said.