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mRNA Linked to Cancer Development

A review published earlier this month linked the mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines to the development of cancer.

Pfizer Releases Children’s Myocarditis Study

Pfizer released the results of its clinical trials examining the occurrence of heart inflammation in children who received the COVID-19 vaccine.

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Skipped ‘Laws and Regulations’

An analysis of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines found that the inoculations skipped the "laws or regulations that we count on to protect use from potentially harmful, or deadly, medical products…"

German Program Looks Into Viruses for ‘Next Pandemic’

The German-EU "Vaccelerate" Program is investigating viruses for "pandemic potential," according to a paper titled "Predicting the Next Pandemic."

FDA Investigating Cancer Risks in Gene Therapy Treatments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the cancer treatment CAR-T after it was notified of new blood cancers among individuals who received the treatment.

COVID-19 Vaccines Causally Linked to 17 Million Deaths Worldwide

Drawing from all-cause mortality data across 17 countries, the study found a significant increase in deaths—particularly among the elderly—following the introduction of third and fourth booster doses.

COVID-19 Vaccine mRNA Found in Breast Milk: The Lancet

“[T]race mRNA amounts were detected in 10 exposures up to 45 h post-vaccination.”

HHS Allocates Over $1.4 Billion for ‘New Generation’ of COVID-19 Vaccines Despite Agency’s 2010 Analysis Showing ‘Fewer Than 1%’ of Vaccine Injuries Are Reported

Aimed at supporting "the development of a new generation of tools and technologies to protect against COVID-19 for years to come."

Pfizer’s ‘Go-To Medical Expert’ for Australia, New Zealand Doesn’t Know How His Company’s Vaccine Causes Myocarditis: Senate Hearing (Video)

"You clearly don't understand the pathway, do you? Because you can't explain it," Sen. Rennick said.

Fauci’s Replacement Pushed COVID Masks, Vaccines

"So much transmission in our community because a majority of people are not vaccinated," she claimed in July 2021.

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