Child Abuse

ICE Arrests Three Portuguese Women Charged in 1-Year-Old Boys Death

Federal immigration authorities have arrested three Portuguese women who are also charged in connection with the death of a Rhode Island infant. 

Conservative Hungarian President Resigns for Pardoning Man Convicted of Covering Up Child Abuse Cases

Hungary’s conservative president resigned over the weekend amid public outcry over a pardon she granted to a man convicted of covering up a child sexual abuse case.

Gov. DeSantis Signs Order Accusing Florida Judge of Molestation, Child Abuse

A Florida judge who led the prosecution against Casey Anthony in 2011 is reportedly under investigation after allegations of molestation and the failure to properly report child abuse.

‘Social Emotional Learning’ Leader Gives up Therapist License After Failing To Report Child Abuse

"Social emotional learning" in K-12 schools leader Jennifer Freed gave up her therapist license after The Daily Wire found she failed to report instances of child abuse.

Utah YouTube Star Arrested For Child Abuse After Malnourishing Child

A Utah woman who previously gave parenting advice on a YouTube channel has been charged with six felony counts of aggravated child abuse.

98 Arrested in Child Sex Abuse Case, 13 Children Saved

2 FBI agents were killed in relation to the case.

Illegal Alien in Nebraska Accused of Sexually Abusing, Starving His Daughter

An illegal alien has been charged with physically and sexually abusing while also starving his teenage daughter in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Iowa Legislature Passes Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Governor Plans to Sign

The governor has been fighting to reinstate the abortion ban in court.

Australian Federal Police Saves Record Number of Abused Children in Single Operation

An arrest warrant is out for a man from Queensland, Australia, after he failed to appear in court.

California Democrats Push Legislation Reportedly Allowing Therapists to Approve 12-Year-Olds to Live In Shelters Without Signs of Abuse

California Democrats are pushing Assembly Bill 655, reportedly allowing therapists to approve a 12-year-old to live in housing facilities without parental consent or evidence of abuse at home.

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