Chain of Custody

New App ‘VotifyNow’ Aims to Strengthen Election Integrity by Tracking Reported Irregularities

In response to rising concerns over election fraud, especially prevalent during the 2016 presidential and 2018 midterm elections, entrepreneur Johnny Vieira introduced an app named VotifyNow.

Pennsylvania Report Recommends 5 Changes to Election Code

Pennsylvania’s Election Law Advisory Board has released an interim report making five recommendations for how the legislature can address grey areas in the state election code as it relates to mail-in voting.

With 25,000 Mysterious Votes and Missing Documents, Maricopa’s 2022 Election Process Marked by Chaos and Uncertainty

While the GOP and conservative media have largely moved on from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and the systemic failures that occurred in Maricopa County on Nov. 8, court testimony and eyewitness reports from the Lake trial include allegations that Arizona’s largest county violated state law by failing to implement chain-of-custody documentation for Election Day ballots, resulting in a mysterious 25,000 extra votes added to Maricopa County’s official tally within a 24-hour period — more than the margin of victory between Lake and gubernatorial victor Katie Hobbs.

Judge Rules Against Republican Kari Lake, Confirms Democrat Hobbs as Next Arizona Governor

Arizona judge confirms Katie Hobbs as the state's next Governor following Kari Lake's unsuccessful election challenge.

Arizona’s Electoral Fiasco: A View From Maricopa County

I’m old enough to remember when questioning authority was an American pastime.

Cybersecurity Expert Claims Maricopa County Ballot Printers Had Been Tampered With

A cybersecurity expert testified as part of Kari Lake's lawsuit that ballot printer issues across Maricopa County had to have been purposefully tampered with.

Kari Lake Wins Right to Bring Election Fraud Case to Trial

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake won the right to take her election fraud case to court this week.

300,000 Ballots ‘Illegally Inserted’ Into Arizona Vote Tally: Trump Lawyer

An attorney for Donald Trump's 2024 campaign has claimed that a whistleblower from a ballot company reported that approximately 300,000 ballots were "illegally inserted" into the Maricopa County, Arizona midterm election tally.

Number of ‘Additional’ Ballots ‘Found’ After Election Day Is Nearly Exactly What Hobbs Needed to Win Maricopa County

A recent lawsuit found that Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs received a new batch of "found" votes after election day that tallied to nearly precisely the number she needed to win.

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