The Year of the (Republican) Woman

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Tulsi Gabbard Taking Legal Action Against Mitt Romney for Defamation

Romney followed in Hillary Clinton's footsteps, claiming that the veteran was pro-Russia.

Parent Loses Job After Criticizing COVID Policies in Schools

One parent has lost her job after her child's school district called her employer because she criticized COVID policies.

Is Facebook Bad for You? 360 Million Users Say Yes, Company Documents Show

The app hurts sleep, work, relationships or parenting for about 12.5% of users, who reported they felt Facebook was more of a problem than other social media.

RNC Tells Trump It ‘Has Every Right’ to Use His Name, Image in Fundraising Appeals

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is insisting it has the right to use former President Donald Trump’s name and likeness in fundraising appeals, after Trump sent cease-and-desist letters to the committee.

Trump sends GOP a cease-and-desist letter against using his name, and the party fires back a defiant response

RNC wants to continue using Trump's name to raise campaign funds

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