Feds Jeopardized Security of 1M Americans’ Online Accounts, Citing ‘Equity’

The federal government’s central technology arm jeopardized nearly one million online accounts by rejecting facial recognition technology when it was required for the high-security accounts, then cited “equity” to justify years of lying about its compliance with federal rules, The Daily Wire has learned.

Suspect Arrested in Connection with Kidnapping, Murder of Americans in Mexico

Mexican authorities have arrested a suspect in connection with the kidnapping and murder of Americans in the country.

Mexico Abduction Survivors Returned to U.S.

Two surviving Americans caught in the middle of a Mexico drug cartel have safely returned to the United States.

Colorado Elementary School Exposed After Secretly Transitioning Student

Leaked emails from a Colorado elementary school revealed administrators going behind a parent's back to secretly transition a student.

Conservative Mental Dichotomy on the Draft

The war in Ukraine has displayed a fascinating dichotomy that exists within conservatives.

First Lady Says Biden Ready to Run

First lady Jill Biden gave one of the clearest indications yet that President Joe Biden will run for a second term, telling The Associated Press in an exclusive interview on Friday that there's "pretty much" nothing left to do but figure out the time and place for the announcement.

One Dead, Many Injured In Massive Ohio Metal Plant Explosion

One person has died and twelve have been injured after a metal plant in Ohio caught fire Monday afternoon.

Viral Kentucky Prayer ‘Revival’ Begins Second Week

A routine prayer service at a small Christian college in Kentucky has blossomed into a nonstop revival, garnering millions of viewers on social media as it begins its second week.

50-Plus-Hour Revival Sweeps Asbury University: Students ‘Stayed All Night’

What began as a regular Wednesday chapel service at a Christian university in Kentucky has blossomed into a 50-plus-hour revival that was still ongoing Friday and drawing national interest.

U.S. Military Shoots Down Fourth ‘High-Altitude’ Object Over Lake Huron

The U.S. shot down a fourth flying object Sunday afternoon at 20,000 feet above Michigan’s Lake Huron, the Pentagon said, underscoring its stepped-up defense of North American airspace following the discovery of a suspected Chinese spy balloon.

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