Netherlands Loosens COVID Restrictions—Bars, Restaurants, Cultural Venues Reopened

"We are taking a big step today to unlock the Netherlands."

FBI Agents Search Illinois-Based ‘COVID Control’ Headquarters

The FBI has searched the center while investigating the multimillion-dollar COVID-19 testing business.

Huge COVID Testing Company Engaged in Cover-Up: Heartland State

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is suing two Illinois-based companies for allegedly “deceiving consumers” when it comes to COVID-19 testing.

Michigan State U. Allows 15,000 Basketball Fans at Sold-Out Games but Shuts Down In-Person Learning in January

Michigan State University won't allow for in-person learning until the final day of January, but at the same time had no problem opening up the school's arena for nearly 15,000 screaming fans to attend every Spartans' home basketball game this month.

Ireland to End Most CCP Virus Restrictions Including COVID Passport

Almost all CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus restrictions in Ireland will end on Saturday, including domestic COVID-19 Certificates, curfews, social distancing, and capacity limits.

Bill Gates, Indian Government Targeted in Lawsuit Alleging AstraZeneca Vaccine Killed 23-Year-Old

A lawsuit against Bill Gates, the Indian government and others, citing extensive case law, is attracting renewed scrutiny of Gates and his long-term, controversial involvement in India’s vaccine program.

California to Offer Incentives to Medical Students to Become Abortionists

Pro-life news agency reports California governor pushing to make state an “abortion sanctuary” including incentives to med students who become abortionists.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Using Federal COVID Funds for ‘Climate Change’

Democratic governor Gavin Newsom has planned to use some of the state's budget surplus from federal COVID stimulus payments toward climate-related projects.

Biden Economy Brings Empty Supermarket Shelves

Shortages to last four to six weeks.

Controversial Transgender Swimmer Finally Defeated—by Another Transgender Swimmer

University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ winning streak was broken Jan. 8 by a Yale competitor who, ironically, also identifies as transgender.

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