Industry Group Says Biden’s Plan to Tackle Trucker Shortage Doesn’t Do Enough to Address Key Problem

A representative for an independent truck driver association told Fox Business that the Biden administration’s plan to fix the trucker shortage fails to adequately address the key problem of driver retention.

DHS Alejandro Mayorkas: Silicon Valley ‘Committed’ to Speech Curbs

Alejandro Mayorkas, the nation’s zealously pro-migration border chief, says the nation’s technology companies want to curb Americans’ speech that is deemed “misinformation.”

Science Journal ‘Nature’ Promotes World Economic Forum’s Globalist ‘Great Reset,’ Wants to ‘Radically Transform Capitalism’

Mariana Mazzucato, a professor at University College London, is listed as a contributor on the World Economic Forum's website, writing multiple pieces on behalf of the globalist (here, here) think tank.

California Proudly Forcing Young Toddlers to Mask Up for the Next Month

California is forcing young toddlers to wear a mask for the next month, describing the decision as an “added layer of mitigation” against the Omicron variant, which public health officials have described as mild.

Another Lawsuit Holds The Key To Trump’s Best Defense Against The Jan. 6 Committee

Because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to appoint the requisite number of members, the Jan. 6 committee is arguably invalid under its own authorizing resolution.

COVID Investigator Funded By Chinese Communist Party Removed From WHO Team Following National Pulse Exposé

Marion Koopmans – who served on the World Health Organization’s first COVID-19 origins investigation team – appears to have been removed from the body’s new “effort” to trace the source of the virus following the National Pulse revealing her long-standing ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

New York Gov. Hochul Imposes Indoor Mask Mandate Amid Omicron Variant

Unelected Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul has imposed indoor mask mandates on the state once amid the emergence of the mild Omicron COVID variant.

Poll finds border wall is popular again now that Trump is gone, bipartisan support emerges

Americans believe a border wall is part of the solution to illegal immigration and oppose the Biden administration’s plans to pay settlements to illegal immigrants whose families were separated after they jumped the border in the Trump era, according to a new poll taken for The Washington Times.

Biden’s Border Crisis Is Killing More Americans Than Ever With Spike In Drug Trafficking

Cartels are taking advantage of law enforcement weaknesses and policy failures to smuggle record amounts of fentanyl into the United States.

Biden Plan to Combat Corruption Includes New Real Estate Rules

The White House’s new plan to combat corruption—both domestically and overseas—seeks to, among other things, add new regulations on the real estate industry.

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