Jon Stewart Sparks Debate with Humor on Biden’s Age and Trump’s Legacy

Jon Stewart made a return to hosting the Daily Show on Comedy Central Monday night, sparking a reaction among liberals with his humor targeting 81-year-old Joe Biden and his age-related concerns about the president’s mental capacity.

During his monologue, Stewart didn’t spare 77-year-old former President Trump from his comedic jabs, prompting some liberals to criticize what they perceived as “Both-sidesism.” Stewart questioned why the election featured the two oldest candidates in presidential history, suggesting that in times of crisis, people might prefer “Conan the Barbarian” over “an old man mumbling about cookies.”

Stewart, aged 61, even joked about his own aging process, sharing a side-by-side comparison photo from twenty years ago, humorously acknowledging that he hasn’t aged gracefully. Although he’s only hosting the Daily Show on Monday nights, Stewart remains the show’s executive producer throughout the week.

The comedian teased Biden’s recent TikTok video where the president discussed his fondness for cookies, but he delved deeper into criticism over Biden’s performance in a recent press conference. Biden’s confusion between Mexico and Egypt and his struggle to articulate a stance on the Israeli response to a terror attack on October 7 were ripe targets for Stewart’s humor. He mockingly remarked on Biden’s response as “over the top.”

Stewart contrasted Biden’s officials’ assertions of the president’s sharpness and focus in meetings with a comment about the absence of video evidence to support those claims. The left was not happy about him cracking jokes about Biden, many rushed to X to criticize Stewart and express how hurt they were by his comments. Of course, Keith Olberman had something to say about it, too.