Canadian Bill Reportedly Criminalizes Christianity

A piece of Canadian legislation, Bill C-367, will reportedly criminalize Christianity by considering some biblical prayers and passages "hate speech."

Scientist Says ‘No Lives Were Saved’ by COVID Vaccine

According to Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt “no lives were saved” by the COVID-19 vaccines.

Yulia Navalny Vows Justice for Putin and Allies After Alexei’s Death

Yulia Navalny, emotional and tearful, issued a stern warning against impunity for Vladimir Putin and his associates in her first remarks following the announcement...

Over 120 Chinese Websites Act as Local News Organizations

A report from Canadian watchdog group Citizen Lab found that at least 123 Chinese websites pose as local news organizations across 30 countries.

Russia’s Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Conduct Flyover Near Alaska, NORAD Confirms

Russia stated on Wednesday that two of its Tu-95MC strategic bombers traversed airspace near the U.S. state of Alaska, emphasizing that they remained within...

ChatGPT Spreads ‘Climate Change’ Narratives

A study published in Scientific Reports detailed 3,000 people's conversations with ChatGPT about climate change, finding that about a quarter of the individuals were more open to the idea of climate change after interacting with the AI.

WHO Will Not Develop Children’s Transgender Guideline

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it will not create transgender guidelines for children.

WHO Choses Panel of Trans Activists to Draft Children’s Healthcare Policies

The World Health Organization (WHO) has selected a panel of individuals to lead the charge in drafting healthcare policies for children.

Beer Sales at Lowest Level in 24 Years After Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Partnership

Beer sales plummeted throughout 2023 after Bud Light partnered with transgender, biological male Dylan Mulvaney.

Palestinians Offered Temporary Visas if Family Resides in Canada

The left-wing Canadian government announced a plan to provide three-year visas to Palestinians with family members living in Canada.

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