Ashby School Bus Driver Summoned for Alleged Assault on Student

A school bus driver accused of assaulting a student in Ashby on Tuesday will face a criminal charge, authorities announced Wednesday. Ashby Police Chief Derek...

Denver Requests Residents House Illegal Immigrants

Denver, Colorado is asking its residents to house illegal immigrants as shelters are overcrowded.

Border Patrol Drops Hundreds of Illegals at San Diego Bus Stop

Hundreds of migrants were dropped off at a San Diego bus stop this week rather than a reception center because it ran out of local funding sooner than expected.

GOP Raises Concerns Over Biden’s Frivolous Environmental Justice Funding Expenditures

President Biden's allocation of millions in environmental justice funding from COVID-19 relief is drawing scrutiny, with congressional documents obtained by The Washington Times revealing...

Haley’s Campaign Gains Momentum with ‘Beast of the Southeast’ Bus Tour

Nikki Haley is commencing a "Beast of the Southeast" bus tour in South Carolina on Saturday, embarking on numerous campaign stops leading up to...

Sanctity of Life “The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion”-Mother Teresa – American Minute with Bill Federer

Abortion became legal in all nine months of pregnancy on January 22, 1973, with the Supreme Court decisions Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Norma McCorvey, who...

New York Governor Provides $2.4 Billion for Illegal Immigrants

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has added millions of dollars to the 2025 fiscal year plan to combat illegal immigration.

Illegal Immigrants Take Train to New York City, Bypass Order Limiting Bus Arrivals

Buses have dropped off illegal immigrants at train stations in New Jersey in an attempt to bypass an order stating that buses cannot drop immigrants off in New York City.

Texas Governor Flies Illegal Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is now flying illegal immigrants to sanctuary states.

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