Brandeis University

Private University Bans Pro-Palestinian Student Group Supporting Hamas

Brandeis University, a private college in Massachusetts, has decided to ban its chapter of the National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) from campus after the group openly supported the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Brandeis University Bans The Phrase “Trigger Warning” Because It Might Be… Triggering

Also bans ‘picnic’, ‘rule of thumb’ and ‘take a shot at it’ because they are ‘racist’ or ‘violent’… or something

University wants ‘oppressive’ phrases like ‘picnic’ & ‘trigger warning’ retired, offers ‘alternatives’

Massachusetts’ Brandeis University has earned blowback for recommending phasing out numerous words and phrases it claims are offensive, including ‘picnic’, ‘policeman’, and ‘rule of thumb’.

White Assistant Dean At Brandeis University Calls Herself Racist

A white university official called all white people implicitly racist and, in the process, herself.

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