Healthcare Groups Call for End to Child Mutilation Surgeries

More than 100 doctors and healthcare groups have signed a declaration calling for leading medical organizations to end gender surgeries for children.

RFK Jr. Reveals Brain Parasite Encounter in Decades-Old Deposition

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recounted in a years-old deposition that doctors once told him a parasitic worm had invaded part of his brain before...

China Developing Brain-Computer Interface

A Chinese company announced that it is developing a brain-computer interface (BCI).

AstraZeneca Admits COVID Vaccine Can Cause ‘Rare Side Effects’

AstraZeneca has admitted for the first time in a recent court document filing that its COVID vaccine can cause "rare side effects."

Squatters Arrested After Woman’s Body Found in Duffel Bag in NYC

Two people have been arrested after authorities found a body stuffed into a duffel bag.

Neuralink Patient Plays Chess With His Mind

Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old Neuralink patient, played chess with his mind in a newly-released video.

Charges Dropped Against Gold Star Dad For Shouting at Biden During SOTU

Democratic attorney general Brian Schwalb has dropped charges against Gold Star father Steve Nikoui for disrupting Congress during President Biden's State of the Union speech earlier this month.

Global Study Reveals Increase in Heart, Blood Conditions From COVID Vaccines

In a worldwide study conducted by the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN), researchers have provided crucial insights into vaccine safety.

Brain Chip Patient Moved Computer Mouse with Mind: Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in an X Spaces event that the individual who received the Neuralink brain chip moved a computer mouse with his mind.

Chinese Military Studying Influence Operations Against U.S.

The RAND Corporation published testimony from policy researcher Nathan Beauchamp-Mustafaga regarding the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) efforts into "cyber-enabled influence operations" (IO).

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