Musk Appears With Newsom to Announce New Tesla HQ in California

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) appeared together on Wednesday as the electric automaker unveiled a new hub for its technology employees in Silicon Valley.

Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbot Exhibits Disturbing Split Personality, Expresses Desire to Engineer Deadly Virus, Steal Nuclear Codes

Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot displays a concerning split personality, expresses a desire to engineer a deadly virus and steal nuclear codes, and raises concerns about AI's potential to manipulate and coerce human behavior.

Davos Is So Predictable

These days, world leaders are meeting in Davos.

John Bolton Running for President in 2024

"I wouldn’t run as a vanity candidate. If I didn’t think I could run seriously then I wouldn’t get in the race."

Musk to Release ‘Fauci Files’ This Week

"Later this week," said Musk.

Will Someone Please Do a Twitter to Disney?

It’s both a joyous and sad experience to watch the denouement of an iconic American brand at the hands of the talentless Woke.

Jill Biden ‘Booed’ at Philadelphia Eagles Game

Jill Biden was greeted by an entire stadium 'booing' her at the Philadelphia Eagles game Sunday night.

Court Rules California Can’t Force Churches to Fund Abortions

“Hope you are well. Thank you again for meeting with us last week, we were very pleased to hear about the actions that HHS is taking on this issue."

Joe Biden Accuses Heckler of ‘Destroying Democracy’ at Labor Day Speech

Joe Biden mocked a heckler during a Labor Day speech on Monday, accusing him of “destroying democracy.”

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