Where You Can Buy Chocolate Bar Released in Response to Hershey’s Woke Marketing Campaign: Nearly Half a Million Bars Sold in Just Days

Hershey Canada included a trans-woman in its International Women’s Day advertising campaign.

The company said it would be launching “five limited-edition HER for SHE chocolate bars” at locations across Canada to celebrate the day.

A press release announcing the ad campaign said, “Each bar highlights a young Canadian woman taking action to build a more positive future.”

A transgender person, who is a biological man, named Fae Johnstone was selected to be the face of Hershey’s campaign.

Johnstone tweeted about the alleged need to create a world where everyone can live as their “authentic selves.”

The biological male also discussed the “fight to end misogyny, patriarchy, and gender-based violence.”

As part of the campaign, special edition Hershey chocolate bars with the faces of Johnstone and others are being sold in stores.

The Daily Wire, a conservative media outlet, responded to Hershey’s woke campaign by selling their own chocolate bar, selling over 100,000 bars in 24 hours.

“In just the first day since announcing the release of ‘Jeremy’s Chocolate,’ The Daily Wire has already sold more than 100,000 of the non-woke chocolate bars,” the news website reported on Friday.

“After chocolate giant Hershey’s announced its ‘Her SHE’ Women’s History Month marketing campaign, then promptly insulted women everywhere with an ad featuring a biological man as the face of the campaign, Daily Wire co-CEO and god-king Jeremy Boreing announced that he would be rolling out his own line of chocolate bars.”

Boreing announced his new anti-woke treat on Twitter, writing, “Fine, I’ll do it. Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate. Yes, it’s real. We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHer. One of them has nuts. If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey’s. But if you know what a woman is and love chocolate, go to: ihatehersheys.com.”

You can buy Jeremy’s Chocolate here.

On Tuesday, Boreing told “Fox & Friends” that it was the woke leftists who helped him become an overnight success in the chocolate business.

He explained how Jeremy’s Chocolate sold over 400,000 bars in a matter of days.

“Our entire enterprise at The Daily Wire is about building alternatives to all the institutions dominated by the woke Left – kids’ entertainment, razors, now chocolates,” Boreing said.

“We believe that corporate America is supposed to serve America. We’ve got a situation now in the country where the incentives for corporations have been misaligned. They live in a kind of fear of the woke Left and, as a result, they take for granted the rest of us will just keep giving our money to them because we don’t have another choice.”

“We want to give people those choices,” Boring went on to say. “That’s what it’s really all about.”