Border Apprehensions

Even More Illegal Migrants Expected in 2022, Record 2.1 Million

Having already set a record for illegal border crossings in 2021, the Biden administration is expected to invite even more to cross this year, setting up a bigger crisis along the Mexican border with Texas, Arizona, and California, according to a new analysis.

U.S. Attorneys General Ask Federal Court to Force Biden to Finish Border Wall

As Texas and Missouri attorneys general ask a federal court to require the Biden administration to immediately resume building the border wall with funds allocated by Congress, the Department of Homeland Security announced it was using the funds on environmental projects instead.

‘Never’ before: 1.85 million illegal border crossings projected, 10,000 in one camp

Illegal border crossings, sparking a new humanitarian crisis just inside the Texas-Mexico line, are set to break the all-time record as President Joe Biden and his administration continue to turn a blind eye to the migrant chaos.

Biden Administration to Resume Fast-Track Migrant Deportation as US Border Apprehensions ‘Skyrocket’

The administration of President Joe Biden continues to grapple with a growing tide of migrant families arriving at the US-Mexico border, with Border Patrol apprehending more than 50,000 migrant families in June, up from 40,815 in May, according to US Customs and Border Protection data.

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