Northern Border Sees ‘Unprecedented Number’ of Crossings: Chief Border Patrol Agent

An “unprecedented number” of illegal immigrants are entering the United States from Canada, according to Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia.

“Swanton Sector continues to encounter an unprecedented number of undocumented migrants,” Garcia wrote on X. “During the week of April 22nd, Champlain Border Patrol Agents apprehended a total of 220 subjects, the highest number ever encountered in a single week in Swanton Sector history.”

March 2024 had the greatest number of apprehensions in a one-month period, Garcia wrote on April 19.

There were 1,109 apprehensions from 40 different countries, with the top three nationalities being Indian, Bangladeshi, and Mexican.

Responding to the increase in northern border apprehensions, Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) shared on social media, “Joe Biden’s open border policies have created a crisis along our Northern Border.”

“Historic numbers of illegal immigrants are flooding across the US-Canada border, including into Upstate New York and the North Country,” she continued.