Young Children May Have Received Double Dose of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Children as young as six months may have received a double dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in an advisory that the agency
“has become aware that some healthcare providers may not recognize that the single dose vial of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (2023-2024 Formula) for use in individuals 6 months through 11 years of age contains notably more than 0.25 mL [milliliters] of the vaccine.”

“Some healthcare providers may be withdrawing the entire contents of the vial to administer to an individual,” the FDA noted.

According to the advisory, the “FDA has not identified any safety risks associated with administration of the higher dose in individuals 6 months through 11 years of age and no serious adverse events were identified related to a dosing error for the vaccine.”

Pediatrician Dr. Renata Moon told The Defender that the only dose of the mRNA children should be receiving is “no dose.”

“Children shouldn’t be injected with it at all. We have an avalanche of highly concerning data regarding the risks of this product,” she said.

A recent poll found that many parents are refraining from vaccinating their children with the latest COVID-19 booster.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) poll, most parents will not have their children receive the latest COVID-19 vaccine.

Only 13% of parents with children between the ages of 12 to 17 or 6 months to 4 years said their children will be vaccinated.

Twelve percent of parents with children between the ages of 5 to 11 reported the same.

Thirty-six to forty-one percent of parents responded that their children will not receive the vaccine, while about a quarter of parents involved in the poll said their children will probably not receive the latest vaccine.

Forty-three percent of parents said parents should have the right to choose if their child should be vaccinated.