Biden Admin Pushes Gas Stove Alternative Using Funds From Defense Production Act

The Biden administration announced on November 17 that it is allocating $169 million for nine projects to "accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing at 15 sites across the country."

Germany Expected to Double its Military Aid for Ukraine

German chancellor Olaf Scholz's governing coalition has agreed to double the country's military aid for Ukraine next year to 8 billion euros.

Russia to Deliver Over 30 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas to China This Year

Russia has committed to a significant boost in its gas exports to China this year, signaling deepening ties between the two Eastern nations.

U.S. Sends Ukraine Another $1.15 Billion for ‘Budgetary Assistance’

The financial aid goes toward Ukraine's government services, including payment of salaries, backing small businesses, supporting farmers, and offering other forms of economic sustenance.

Ukraine Hosts International Defense Conference to Boost Domestic Weapons Production

Ukraine hosted an international defense industry conference as part of a government effort to increase weapon production within the country.

DeSantis, Newsom to Debate on Fox News

Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom have agreed to debate.

IRS Shifts Focus to ‘Equity’ in Audits

Given the newfound focus on "equity," there's apprehension about the criteria being used to select audit targets.

Africa Climate Summit Proposes Carbon Tax On World’s Wealthiest Nations

Speakers at Africa's Climate Summit suggested a global tax on carbon emissions in order to help boost the countries low GDP rates.

14 Major U.S. Cities to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Transportation

The C40 Cities' agenda may lead to thousands of deaths due to lack of nutrition.

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