Bond Markets

China’s $Trillion Default on Sovereign Debt to American Bondholders

Representing around 20,000 bondholders, the American Bondholders Foundation holds bonds valued at more than $1 trillion.

WEF-Partnered BlackRock Passes $9 Trillion in Assets Under Management

Net inflows of financial asset manager with ownership in virtually every major corporation totaled $110 billion in first quarter.

Stocks End September Down 9.3 Percent, Worst Month Since March 2020

Wall Street closed out a miserable September on Friday with the S&P 500’s worst monthly skid since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic crashed...

Wholesale Inflation Soars at 11.2% Rate in March, Largest Gain on Record

Wholesale inflation rose 11.2% annually in March, driven largely by an increase in the price of gasoline, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Wednesday.

Inflation Debate Hangs Over Stock Market’s Record Run

Some investors think the Federal Reserve will be forced to swiftly raise rates next year to rein in inflation and keep the economy stable

U.S. Stocks Climb as Bond Markets Calm

Stocks, particularly shares of tech companies, have been buffeted by volatile moves in government-bond markets.

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