Federal judge blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate in 10 states, says it goes beyond workplace authority

The decision from a Missouri judge follows a halt placed on the nationwide mandate by a Georgia judge earlier this month

U.S. Judge Blocks Biden COVID Vax Mandate for Federal Contractors

President Biden’s panel to examine changes to the Supreme Court expressed wariness of any big upheavals in a draft report released ahead of a final vote Tuesday.

Maintain Energy and Positivity through the Holidays

by Dr. Mark SherwoodExtra stress around the holidays taxes the physiological system and exhausts the adrenal glands. Exhausted adrenal glands compromise your ability to...

6th Circuit Court Rules Against Biden Administration in OSHA Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit

Sixth Circuit Court blocks federal government's motion to transfer the Occupational Safety and Health Administration vaccine requirement lawsuit to a different court.

Biden COVID Vaccine Mandates Suffer Two More Legal Setbacks

A federal judge in Louisiana on Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction halting President Biden’s national vaccine mandate for healthcare workers nationwide, and separately, a U.S. district judge in Kentucky issued a preliminary injunction blocking Biden’s mandate for federal contractors in three states.

Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Nationwide COVID Vax Mandate for Health Care Workers

A Louisiana federal judge blocks Biden's vaccine mandate for U.S. health workers "to avoid erosion of our liberties."

The Omicron Non-Emergency

Vaccine mandates are hurting hospitals, as a judge blocks Biden’s on healthcare workers.

Judge Halts Biden’s COVID Vax Mandate for Health Workers

Missouri federal judge on Monday temporarily blocks Biden admin's Covid-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers in 10 states.

Little Girl ‘Karate Blocked’ Joe Biden from Touching Her (Video)

A little girl held by woman blocks Joe Biden from touching her during White House Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning.

An Illegal Vaccine Mandate

An appellate court blocks OSHA in a withering rebuke.

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