Prominent German Mosque Sounds First Public Call to Prayer, Met with Pushback

A prominent mosque in Germany broadcast the Islamic call to prayer for the first time publicly.

Underwater Images Reveal 54-Yard Hole in Nord Stream 1 Pipeline

The explosion at the Nord Stream 1 pipeline last month caused a 54-yard hole through the pipe, underwater footage showed on Tuesday.

DeSantis Breaks Fundraising Records

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has become a fundraising machine for himself and the Republican Party in general, outpacing other governors who, like him, are running for reelection in November.

Sweden Refuses to Share Nord Stream Investigation Results With Russia

Sweden will not share the results of the Nord Stream pipeline explosion investigation results with Russia.

Former NBA Player Slams LeBron James as a Sellout for His Silence on China’s Concentration Camps, Blasts Barack Obama

Former NBA player Royce White ripped LeBron James for his silence on the Chinese government locking up Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps. White also dunked on former President Barack Obama, and called him a "sellout."

Swedish Authorities Find Evidence of ‘Gross Sabotage’ on Nord Stream Pipelines

Swedish authorities said Thursday they found evidence of detonations at the site of the Nord Stream I and II gas pipeline damage.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Blasts Abortion Activists: ‘Nobody Wants To Impregnate You If You Look Like a Thumb’

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz mocked abortion activists in a speech Saturday night.

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