Tensions Rise: Biden Blasts Putin, Trump Brought Into Navalny Debate

President Joe Biden criticized Russian leader Vladimir Putin following the death of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, also condemning former President Donald Trump for drawing...

Elon Musk Blasts Biden Over Border Crisis

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has blasted President Biden’s calls for a bipartisan Senate deal to be passed to fix the unprecedented levels of illegal aliens coming into the United States.

ISIS Reportedly Responsible for Iran Explosions

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the explosions that occurred in Iran, The Epoch Times reported.

Chip Roy Blasts Establishment Republicans in Major Clip

Trump Blasts Biden Over Hamas Attacks: ‘American Taxpayer Dollars Helped Fund These Attacks’

Former President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden Saturday morning after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel in an unprecedented attack.

More Explosions on Nord Stream Pipelines: Total of Four Blasts Uncovered by Norwegian Scientists

New findings from Norwegian researchers highlight that the Nord Stream gas pipelines experienced more explosions than initially reported, with four blasts last year causing significant damage to three of the four pipeline lines.

Climate Change ‘Activist’ Al Gore Blasts Fossil Fuel Industry

Climate change activist and former United States Vice President Al Gore has declared war against the fossil fuel industry, accusing oil companies of using the atmosphere at their own disposal.

Trump Blasts Biden for Sending Cluster Munitions to Ukraine, Warns of World War III and Depleted U.S. Ammo

"Joe Biden should not be dragging us further toward World War III—he should be trying to END the war," says Trump.

Conservatives Blast McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Biden Deal

Many conservatives are furious with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over his deal with President Biden to raise the debt ceiling.

Lauren Boebert Blasts John Fetterman’s Very Casual Attire

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert slammed Sen. John Fetterman’s apparel last week as the congressman was spotted in a hoodie and basketball shorts during a Senate press conference.

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