Pope Francis Condemns U.S. Catholic Conservatives as ‘Backwards,’ ‘Reactionary’

Pope Francis called U.S. Catholic Conservatives "backwards" because of their political views.

Biden Asked Marine Injured in Afghanistan Explosion ‘What Do You Want’: Report (Watch)

Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a Marine who was badly wounded in the withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, recounts his odd encounter with President Joe Biden in a recent interview.

Stanford Law School’s Associate Dean for Diversity Steps Down Who Called for Protesting Federal Judge

Tirien Steinbach, the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Stanford Law School, has stepped down from her position following a controversy involving a sitting federal judge.

New Disney Cartoon Series Features Elites Drinking Blood and Worshiping Idols

A new Disney-produced cartoon series is based on an Illuminati-style cult of elites drinking blood and worshiping an all-seeing eye symbol.

CDC Altered Death Certificates, Concealing COVID Vaccine as Cause of Death: Brownstone Institute Report

The source unveiled that the CDC allegedly either removed or declined to include the T88.1 or Y59.0 IDC codes from Minnesota death certificates that identified the cause of death as complications from the COVID vaccine.

CPAC ‘Do Not Invite’ List Includes Trump Family, Congressmen

Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) chairman Matt Schlapp had a "Do Not Invite" list, The National Pulse reported.

Parents Turn to ‘Easter Potatoes’ Due to High Egg Prices, Inflation This Year

Due to the record high costs of eggs this year, many parents are opting to paint potatoes in place of eggs this year.

Media Criticizes Woody Harrelson After Monologue Condemns Big Pharma

Left-wing media criticized actor Woody Harrelson after he called out the actions of big pharma in their Covid-19 mandates during a Saturday Night Live (SNL) monologue.

Biden Makes Bizarre Comment About East Palestine During Interview

President Joe Biden made a bizarre remark when asked on Friday if he would be visiting the site of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Microsoft Increases Bing Chatbot Question Limit Despite Bizarre Answers

Despite multiple reports of completely unhinged behavior, Microsoft has increased the number of questions that users can ask the early beta of its new AI chatbot based on ChatGPT technology.

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