Lawmakers Consider Banning CCP-Linked Biotech Firm Accused of Stealing DNA

Congressional lawmakers are considering banning Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) firm that has been accused of stealing Americans' DNA.

UNC-Chapel Hill Shooting Suspect Connected to Wuhan, China

Fox News described the Asian shooter as "mostly white."

RFK Jr. Warns U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine Are ‘Developing Bioweapons’

The Democratic presidential candidates warned there are around 36,000 "death scientists."

Florida County GOP Declares COVID and mRNA COVID Vaccine a ‘Bioweapon’

The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) has passed a resolution to ban the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming it and the virus to be a “biological and technological weapon.”

Wuhan Researcher Says COVID-19 Engineered as ‘Bioweapon’ by China

Shan Chao was directed to "find out which one had the best ability to infect as many species as possible," and to "find out how easy it was to infect other species."

RFK Jr. Calls for International Cooperation on Bioweapons and AI, Raises Concerns about ‘Uncontrolled Development’ (Watch)

"We need to stop the wars, stop saber-rattling, and negotiate directly with Russia, China, and Iran," he said. "We need to figure out how we are going to have treaties in place and control this out-of-control AI development that is an existential threat to all of us."

New Substack Post Accuses Elon Musk of Being a ‘Deep State’ Operative

"Musk is as a kind of low-grade pop 'genius' a la a Tony Stark comic book 'hero' that that was always backstopped by the Deep State since even before he landed in Silicon Valley," the post reads.

Impressions From the House Investigation Into the COVID Lab Leak

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee’s subcommittee on the COVID-19 pandemic recently held its first hearing as part of its investigation into the virus' origins.

New York Times Helped Mislead America Over COVID Lab Leak Theory

The New York Times was among the many media organizations in 2020 that pushed the narrative that the COVID lab leak theory was some sort of wild conspiracy being pushed by the far right.

Lee County GOP Calls on DeSantis to Ban COVID Vaccines, Citing Nuremberg Code, Bioweapon Claims

The Lee County GOP in Florida is invoking the Nuremberg Code and calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to ban the sale and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, which they claim are a bioweapon responsible for more deaths and injuries than all other vaccines combined.

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