Why I’m Raising My Kid Evangelical

Before our daughter, Hildegaard, was born, my husband and I discussed the weight of raising a pastor’s kid.

Another Retired Pope?

Rumors have been going around since last July that that Pope Francis would soon retire.

Wisconsin Middle Schoolers Accused of Sexual Harassment for Using Wrong Pronouns

Three students at a Wisconsin middle school are facing allegations of sexual harassment under Title IX after they repeatedly refused to use "they/them" pronouns when addressing a fellow student.

Biden Now Heading to Europe for Talks With NATO Over Ukraine Instead of Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris was initially scheduled this week to travel to Brussels, Belgium, to meet with NATO officials to discuss the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, but she’s been bumped in lieu of the commander-in-chief himself, a report noted Sunday.

‘The View’ Hosts Say People Mocking Kamala Harris’ Awkward Laugh Are Racist and Misogynist

o-hosts of "The View" excoriated critics who were mocking Vice President Kamala Harris' awkward laugh are motivated by racism and misogyny.

Should you Homeschool?

There’s been an explosion in the popularity of homeschooling over the last two years. Here’s why, and how you can get started with homeschooling

USA Today Hastily Deletes Tweets About ‘Science’ Proving Pedophilia Is ‘Determined in the Womb’

Newspaper scurries to avoid backlash about normalization of noncery.

Fauci’s ‘Kennel of Horrors’: A Study in Animal Protection as a Conservative Cause

Abhorrence of NIH experiments shows institutional cruelty as a neglected but potent political issue.

Biden’s Doc Worried about ‘Throat Clearing,’ ‘Stiffened Gait’

President Biden’s physician on Friday determined he was healthy and fit to execute the duties of the presidency following his annual physical the day before his 79th birthday.

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