Study Claims Climate Change Affects ‘Quality of Political Discourse’

A study published in the journal iScience claims that so-called climate change affects "language complexity among politicians," therefore affecting the "quality of political discourse."

‘Don’t Give Up the Ship!’: American Minute with Bill Federer

Among the many U.S. Navy and Marine heroes confronting Tripoli's Muslim Barbary pirates was Captain James Lawrence. In 1804, Captain Lawrence was second-in-command, under Lieutenant Stephen Decatur, of an expedition...

Former General Calls for American Assistance in Haiti Crisis Without Military Intervention

Amidst the escalating turmoil in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with gangs seizing control and essential resources scarce, a stark reality emerges: Haiti stands on the brink...

Rep. Cory Mills Airlifts Americans Out of Haiti

Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) announced that he is conducting airlift missions to evacuate Americans from Haiti.

Congressman Evacuates 10 Americans From Haiti, Critiques Biden for ‘Abandonment’

Rep. Cory Mills, (R-FL), helped rescue a group of Americans from Haiti working at an orphanage in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Gangs Kidnapping Christians

Gangs in Haiti have kidnapped many priests and churchgoers, according to Amy Balog, a member of the group, Aid to the Church in Need.

U.S. Embassy Staff in Haiti Evacuates as Gang Leader ‘Barbecue’ Gains Power

Haiti's gang leader, Jimmy Chérizier, is now the "most powerful man" in the country, according to Judes Jonathas, an independent consultant.

‘Elites’ Report ‘Too Much Individual Freedom in America’

A study published by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found that the majority of "elites" have "isolated themselves from everyday America's realities."

More Than 300 West African Illegal Immigrants Enter Arizona

Few of the migrants speak English or Spanish.

Multinational INTERPOL Campaign Makes Over 1,000 Arrests for Human Trafficking, Migrant Smuggling

The international campaign, dubbed Operation "FLASH-WEKA," witnessed the concerted efforts of law enforcement agencies across 54 countries to dismantle criminal networks involved in human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

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