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House Passes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Along Party Lines, Likely Doomed in the Senate

The House of Representatives on July 29 passed legislation that would ban so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Two House Republicans Join Most Democrats in Passing ‘Assault Weapons Ban of 2022’

The House of Representatives on Friday passed the "Assault Weapons Ban of 2022," a bill that would ban various semi-automatic guns, though the measure would grandfather in firearms that people already own.

Gun Control Bill Confiscates Weapons for ‘Common Use’

"The problem is that they're in common use," said Democrat Jerry Nadler of New York.

House Committee Approves First Assault Weapons Ban Bill in Decades

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday moved a bill banning assault weapons forward, but it’s unclear if the legislation has enough support to pass a floor vote.

California AG Apologizes for Mass Gun Data Leak, Offers One Year of ‘Credit Monitoring Services’

California Attorney General Rob Bonta sent an apology letter to concealed carry permit applicants on Friday after their private information was leaked from a proprietary database.

Supreme Court Justice-Designate Ketanji Brown Jackson Claps After the New Zealand Prime Minister Mentions Her Nation’s Assault Weapon Ban

U.S. Supreme Court Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson clapped last week after New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made a comment about her country banning assault weapons.

Canadians Aren’t Turning in Their Guns

Few gun owners are turning in weapons recently been made illegal by the Canadian government.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom plans assault weapon ban in wake of Supreme Court ruling

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Saturday he will try to pass legislation that will give citizens the right to sue anyone who sells an assault weapon or “ghost gun” in the state, seeking to harness last week’s Supreme Court ruling on a Texas abortion law for liberal priorities.

Haiti Gang Threatens to Kill Kidnapped Missionaries over Million Dollar Ransoms

A US religious organization whose 17 members were kidnapped in Haiti asked supporters on Friday to pray and share stories with the victims’ families of how their faith helped them through difficult times as efforts to recover them entered a sixth day.

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