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While the rest of the world lives in fear and chaos, we refuse to participate and have intentionally chosen a different path.

2019 Federal Law May Have Permitted Use Of Fabricated COVID-19 Data

A report claims that the U.S. government may be spreading false data and statistics for national security and "law enforcement" purposes owing to laws approved months before the first COVID-19 outbreak.

Just Hours After Being Sworn In, NYC’s New Mayor Dials 911 to Report Violence

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams began his first day in office Saturday, calling 911 to report a brawl in a Brooklyn train station.

Virginia School District Targets Inequity by Shooting at Grades and Deadlines

For those currently in school who’ve been oppressed by the evils of conditions, rejoice: You may soon receive unconditional love.

Legal scholar Turley asks why hasn’t FBI raided NY Times publisher, as with O’Keefe

"Sulzberger really had no reason to worry even after the O’Keefe raid," Turley argues. "That is precisely the problem."

US Appeals Court Schedules Arguments in Texas Abortion Case for January 7

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals scheduled to hear oral arguments for January 7 in the lawsuit challenging a Texas abortion law, a court document said on Monday.

Sen. Blunt: ‘No Time’ to Make Inflation Worse Through Build Back Better

Inflation is the biggest challenge American families face, and adding another $2 trillion to the nation's economy through the Build Back Better Act would further harm the nation's families, "whether the administration and Democrats in the Congress want to admit that or not," Sen. Roy Blunt said Sunday. 

Project Veritas Win: Judge Orders New York Times to Return Internal Memos to Undercover Journal

NY Supreme Court, noting that "'Hit and run' journalism" is not protected, rules New York Times may have "improper" obtained PV's attorney-client memos before...

San Diego Judge Strikes Down School District’s Vax Mandate

The court rules that only the state can implement vaccination requirements, not local school districts.

In Defense of CRT, College Professor Declares ‘Whiteness Is a Disease’

Video: the University of North Carolina's Chuck Egerton adds that "racism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness."

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