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Biden’s Popularity Falls to Lowest Level in Nearly Two Years

President Joe Biden's public approval rating has fallen to its lowest level in almost two years, tying the lowest point of his presidency, according...

Supreme Court Denies Biden Administration Request to Halt Texas Border Law

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to halt a Texas law permitting state law enforcement to arrest individuals suspected of illegally crossing the...

Biden Holds Lowest January Approval Rating in Election Year in Presidential History

President Joe Biden now holds the lowest January approval rating for any modern president during an election year, a CNN poll found this week.

President Biden’s Third-Year Job Approval Worst From Any President Since Jimmy Carter

According to new polling data from Gallup, President Joe Biden’s approval numbers for his third year in office were the worst among every president since Jimmy Carter.

15-Year Low: Biden’s Approval Sinks Further, Lowest Rating In Career 

Survey results released on Sunday revealed that Biden faces a significant drop in approval ratings, hitting a record low of 33%. It was conducted...

Hispanic Voters Abandon Biden, Choose Trump

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that Donald Trump leads Hispanic and young voters by five points, 39% to 34% percent.

Pennsylvania Democrats Switching to Republican Party

Data from the Pennsylvania Department of State revealed that in 2023, 35,589 Democrats have switched their party affiliation to Republican, Newsweek reported.

Biden Finishes Year with 39% Approval

A new poll from Gallup revealed that President Joe Biden finished 2023 with a 39% job approval.

Poll Reveals Biden Hit Record Low Approval Rating

President Joe Biden's approval rating has hit an all-time low, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll.

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