‘They Can’t Stop Us’: Freedom Convoy Rolls into EU’s Capital Despite Government Ban

A Freedom Convoy of anti-mandate motorists is arriving in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union, despite authorities banning the demonstration.

Rand Paul Encourages Truckers to “Clog Up” Cities as DHS Scrambles to Stop Convoy From Disrupting Super Bowl

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky told conservative website Daily Signal he's all for anti-vaccine trucker convoys to "clog up" metro areas across the U.S. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been well aware that truckers could soon embark for Washington, D.C. Still, this weekend, a more immediate threat could be a convoy headed to the Super Bowl in California. 

Only 16% Of Canadians Would Vote for ‘Weak’ Trudeau Based on His Leadership During the Freedom Convoy: ‘This Could Cost Him His Job’

As trucker protests have snatched international headlines for the past two weeks, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds himself on the receiving end of some eye-opening poll results.

Marines Describe ‘Sham’ Religious Vax Exemption Process

Marine Corps officers seeking religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the process for vetting their accommodation requests is a “sham.”

One Million People Marching to Ottawa to Demand PM Trudeau’s Resignation

Radical left tyrant Prime Minister suffering from "vaccine derangement syndrome," says NHL hockey player.

‘Defeat the Mandate’ Rally in D.C. Features First Responders Vaccine Mandate Backlash

Washington D.C.’s anti-vaccine mandate rally was marked by last year’s front-line and essential workers, as well as first responders who objected to mandatory COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Italian Nurse Arrested for Giving Fake COVID Jabs: Video

Police say people were fraudulently obtaining Covid-19 passes by receiving fake vaccinations in Palermo.

Franc Approves Vax Pass

French parliament approves vaccine passport.

‘I Will Willfully Go to Jail’: Tennessee Mayor Vows to Defy Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

“Maury County government will not comply with any OSHA mandate that forces an employee to be vaccinated against their will,” he said. “It should be noted that I am not anti-vaccine, but your healthcare is your business and I will willfully go to jail before forcing any of you to take the vaccine.”

Christian Musician Releases Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Vax Mandate Single: ‘More of Us’

"More of Us" now trending on censorship-prone YouTube.

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