Jabbed, Boosted Justin Trudeau Again Contracts COVID, Still Urges Canadians to Take Vax

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s vaccinated and boosted, revealed his second positive Covid-19 diagnosis this year.

In a tweet Monday, the blackface-loving career politician announced, despite being vaccinated, he’s again infected with the coronavirus.

“I’ve tested positive for COVID-19,” Trudeau tweeted. “I’ll be following public health guidelines and isolating.”

The prime minister continued claiming his infection was not severe due to the fact he received vaccines and boosters, and proceeded to urge Canadians to still get vaccinated – in spite of his own anecdotal evidence the jabs do not work as advertised.

“I feel okay, but that’s because I got my shots. So, if you haven’t, get vaccinated – and if you can, get boosted. Let’s protect our healthcare system, each other, and ourselves.”

The prime minster’s declaration was roundly mocked on social media, especially since his government implemented a vaccine passport scheme despite the vaccines’ demonstrably non-existent efficacy.

The infection comes days after the prime minister met with Joe Biden, with many speculating the encounter could have put the 79-year-old US president in danger.

More from The Hill:

Trudeau’s meeting with the Bidens was four days ago, making it possible that he was already infected but not yet showing symptoms.

When reached for comment by The Hill, the White House said it did not consider Biden’s meeting with Trudeau last week to be a close contact.

This marks the second time Trudeau has contracted Covid-19 in less than five months.

Trudeau, the son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, also tested positive for Covid in late January, whereupon he issued a similar declaration again absurdly promoting the manifestly ineffective jabs.

The timing of that infection was deemed suspicious as it arrived just as anti-vaccine mandate trucker protests hit the Canadian capitol of Ottawa.

“This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19,” Trudeau tweeted, while he and his family fled to an undisclosed location. “I’m feeling fine – and I’ll continue to work remotely this week while following public health guidelines. Everyone, please get vaccinated and get boosted.”

The prime minister had just made a giant public show of getting his booster jab just weeks prior.

Reporting from InfoWars.