Alleged Wisconsin Christmas Parade Attacker Rapped About George Floyd, Black Power, Anti-Police Rhetoric

"Had his knee on his neck wouldn't get off him, we ain't doing no more marching time to get retarded, military police imma go regardless"

Soros Drops $1 Million on Anti-Police Effort in Austin

Left-wing billionaire George Soros is throwing at least a million dollars behind an effort to stop the hiring of hundreds of new police officers in Austin, Texas, according to campaign finance documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Why the Productive Middle Class Leave California

A bullet-pointed primer of 15 simple points.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Democrats’ Criminal-Leniency Policies Sparked an Undeniable Crime Wave

By Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) The numbers are in, and the debate is over. Our nation is in the midst of one of the worst...

Gun Sales Surge Thanks to First-Time Buyers

Gun sales are spiking around the U.S., driven by rising crime, political shifts in Washington, and social unrest.

Fierce ‘defund the police’ supporter AOC spends tens of thousands on personal security, including ex-Blackwater contractor: report

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is an avid supporter of the "defund the police" movement, yet she is reportedly also a strong proponent of funding her own personal security force, which includes a former Blackwater contractor.

Amazon Promotes Hate Speech, Allows Sale of Pro-Antifa & Anti-Police Bigotry

Amazon is violating its own corporate policy against “offensive and controversial” items by selling pro-Antifa, anti-police and anti-Israel merchandise.

Ashli Babbitt’s Heartbroken Husband Breaks Silence as Capitol Police End Investigation on Devastating Note

“Say her name.” That cry from Black Lives Matter and other anti-police activists has been a call to action to memorialize victims and mobilize mobs against police shootings — and yet the name of Ashli Babbitt has not passed their lips.

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters Demanded Special Police Motorcade And Escort Before Calling For Violence At Anti-Police Event

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters of California requested an armed police escort to an anti-police protest in a Minneapolis suburb this weekend, reported Townhall.

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