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Rand Paul Calls NIH Director “Stupid” After Call To Wear Masks At Home

“There is no science to defend putting your kids in masks or parents wearing masks—no science whatsoever.”

Fauci Says No New Lockdowns

"I don't think we're gonna see lockdowns."

74% of Delta COVID Infections Are Among ‘Fully Vaccinated’: CDC

Intending to defend its position reversal to now recommending even vaccinated wear masks, the CDC released a study showing 3/4 of Covid-19 infected individuals had been vaccinated.

‘Recipes for Regulatory Corruption’: How CDC, NIH Pull in Millions From Licensing Deals, Including COVID-Related Technologies

Aggregated data for fiscal year 2020 show the NIH and CDC collected a combined $63.4 million in royalty revenues under a business model that allows the NIH to grant technology licenses to the private sector.

Even ‘Vaccinated People’ Might ‘Be Contagious,’ ‘Spread the Virus to Others’: CDC

The CDC is now warning that even those vaccinated against coronavirus might be contagious and must now wear a face covering, signifying their reversal on the topic.

Rand Paul’s Heated Exchange With Dr. Fauci: Tuesday Senate Hearing (Video)

Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci traded accusations about gain-of-function research in a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

Jim Jordan: Fauci Emails Show He Funded Wuhan Lab And Covered Up COVID-19 Origins

Jim Jordan: Fauci Emails Show He Funded Wuhan Lab And Covered Up COVID-19 Origins

Dr. Anthony Fauci Tied to Scandal Involving Human-Animal Hybrid Experiments with Aborted Fetal Parts

The massive dump of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci as they pertain to the coronavirus being "potentially engineered" and Fauci's fixation with gain of function research is suspect enough. As it turns out, though, the head of NIAID is also connected to human-animal hybrid experiments using aborted fetal parts, which have taken place at the University of Pittsburgh. Students for Life of America and the Center for Medical Progress are sounding the alarm.

Virologist Who Told Fauci COVID Was ‘Potentially Engineered’, Then Changed His Mind And Made Millions, Deletes His Twitter Account

The virologist who told Fauci that COVID-19 was "potentially engineered" then changed his mind and got a massive NIH grant has deleted his Twitter account.

Chris Wallace Rushes To Defend Fauci—Claims There’s No ‘Smoking Gun’ In Emails

Fox News’ Chris Wallace was quick to defend Dr. Anthony Fauci in the wake of the release of his work emails, claiming that he sees no actual “smoking gun” in them.

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