Posters With Soviet-Style Depictions of Biden and Fauci Popping up Around D.C.

Posters spotted around nation’s capital with soviet-style depictions of President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci over vaccine mandates.

  • Mocking posters have been spotted around the D.C. area featuring photos of President Joe Biden, chief White house medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and vaccines, according to The Daily Wire.
  • The posters appear to be reminiscent of the propaganda materials used in Soviet Russia decades ago when citizens were under the strictest tyrannical rule.
  • The D.C. area recently enacted its strictest vaccine mandate yet, requiring photo ID and proof of vaccination for restaurants, bars, and other public places according to The Washington Times.
  • According to World Net Daily, one of the photos shows Biden as a saint with his head encircled by Syringes as mask-wearing children crowd around him.
  • The caption on another poster read, “mandate, segregate, subjugate.”
  • The third poster shows Biden with a mallet labeled “OSHA” with COVID vaccines shooting from the hammer, featuring the word, “comply” around the edges.
  • A poster pointed at Fauci showed the White House medical adviser in priest’s robes holding an oversized syringe with the symbol of an atom in a halo around his head.
  • Washington D.C. rolled out its strictest mandates yet last weekend, requiring businesses to force patrons to show proof of vaccination for everyone 12 and older, according to The Washington Times.
  • D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is responsible for the mandate which requires the papers to be shown before entering bars, restaurants, theaters, and other businesses.
  • Kentucky Republican Rep Thomas Massie announced Thursday his office would not adhere to the mandate, saying “shame has befallen our nation’s capital,” according to The Washington Examiner.