American Families Plan

Biden’s Wrecking Ball for Financial Privacy

The Biden administration is seeking to compel banks to report to the IRS any bank account with more than $600 in transactions per year. This proposal is a linchpin of Biden’s American Families Plan, and will supposedly help generate almost $500 billion in federal revenue over the next decade.

Biden to Propose $6 Trillion Budget

The president’s plans to invest in infrastructure, education, health care and more would push federal spending to its highest sustained levels since World War II.

Biden-Friendly Economist: Bigger Benefit Checks Mean Fewer Workers

Higher unemployment checks, not school closures and a lack of child care services, are what is keeping American workers from returning to the workforce and "holding back the recovery," Biden-friendly economist Jason Furman says in new economic analysis.

Ivy League Experts Find White House Estimate on Spending Plan Cost Is Laughably Low

One of President Joe Biden’s biggest promises lately is laughably low — but there’s nothing funny about it.

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