Adverse Effects

Louisiana Governor Mandates State Agencies Track Costs of Illegal Immigration

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry, a Republican, has taken steps to ensure comprehensive tracking of the costs associated with illegal immigration in the state. In...

FDA Investigating Cancer Risks in Gene Therapy Treatments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the cancer treatment CAR-T after it was notified of new blood cancers among individuals who received the treatment.

U.N. Approves ‘Pandemic Declaration’ Granting Organization Sweeping Powers

Critics argue that the PPPR is marred by contradictions and emphasizes an unwarranted centralization of control at the expense of democracy and human rights.

Trump Urges Transparency from Pharma Companies on Vaccine Data Amid Growing Concerns (Video)

"They have to be honest with the numbers, the facts, and they have an obligation to be honest."

Australia Ends Myocarditis Reporting for COVID-19 Vaccine

Current Australian data puts myocarditis cases at 1,330.

CDC Advises Trans Women on ‘Chestfeeding,’ Promotes Breastfeeding Inclusivity

According to the CDC, breastfeeding is not limited to biological women.

Type 1 Diabetes Now Linked to Both mRNA and Adjuvant COVID-19 Vaccines: New Peer-Reviewed Study

Vaccinated patient had "no medical history of diabetes."

Bud Light CEO Unveils Recovery Plan After Devastating Sales Decline Triggered by Transgender Collaboration

The ill-fated collaboration with transgender-identified activist Dylan Mulvaney in a March Madness campaign has resulted in a substantial decline in Bud Light sales and a considerable drop in the company's stock price.

FDA Refuses to Add Health Risks to COVID Vaccine Labels

The FDA has "repeatedly stated that effectiveness against transmission remains unproven," the trio write, noting that the agency’s website maintains: "the scientific community does not yet know if Comirnaty will reduce such transmission."

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