Louisiana to Require Ten Commandments Posted in Schools

Louisiana’s legislature has reportedly passed a bill this week that will require all public schools to post the Ten Commandments.

Republican Rep. Dodie Horton, introduced the bill, which was passed by the GOP-led House 79-16.

“I’m not concerned with an atheist. I’m not concerned with a Muslim,” Horton said when asked about the initiative. “I’m concerned with our children looking and seeing what God’s law is.”

Opponents of the legislation concerns the bill violates the First Amendment, claiming religion and school should not be intertwined.

“I didn’t have to learn the Ten Commandments in school. We went to Sunday school,” Democratic Sen. Royce Duplessis. “You want your kids to learn about the Ten Commandments, take them to church.”

In January 2024, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry took steps to ensure comprehensive tracking of the costs associated with illegal immigration in the state.

In an executive order signed at the time, the focus was on “identifying, quantifying, and mitigating the adverse effects of illegal immigration in Louisiana,” as stated by his office.

The order mandated every executive branch entity in Louisiana to collect specific data within 120 days, aiming to determine the financial impact of illegal immigration on the state. 

Governor Landry emphasized that the expenses linked to illegal immigration are burdensome for hard-working Louisianans and stressed the need to understand the full extent of the financial strain on citizens due to individuals not adhering to the law.